It’s peak season!

Our days are packed with branch beating and counting invertebrates, weighting and ringing chicks and looking up the occasional tree that is not in full leaf out yet (like all the aspens!). You can definitely tell it’s peak season – the spreadsheets and field notebooks are filling up, adult blue tits are dashing in and out of nestboxes feeding their chicks.

Blue tits are busy, and so are we! Here is a video of an adult blue tit coming in and out of the nest – if you listen closely, you can hear the blue tit song getting closer and closer.

We have been counting more and more caterpillars, and they are getting bigger. Every once in a while we spot particularly sparkly beetles, too. It feels really rewarding to go to bed after a jam-packed day of fieldwork, knowing that we’ve collected lots of data, spent time outside and worked smoothly as a team!

Disclaimer: All blue tit adults and chicks are handled by licensed individuals with ringing permits.

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