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We present some gmail tricks in this article, where I will present one of the best tricks to probably did not know gmail. You should have learned how to login gmail, so it is not difficult to achieve. These are the elements we’ve seen before, and found it very useful and see the comments that some users have left me, I decided to post this new article. I hope you enjoy and take full advantage.

Gmail tricks

gmail out session

Mail gmail is one of the best free email service network. Many users spend a lot of time to explore, practice, try everything contains its interface, have come to discover and refine some tricks that today in this article I will share with you one of them.

Tricks gmail – Log off remotely

First I will tell you something that happened to me last week. I was working at a friend’s house and I needed to access my gmail account to read an email in that time to check an important email. I took my friend’s PC and log into my account, I read the email you want and all fine until when I got home I remembered I had not actually logged out and I felt a little vulnerable. Seeing that this really was going to cause many problems, I started researching on Google and I came across an article that is taught as remote logout. I found it very interesting article and basically had found what I was looking for, because what she wanted was to close the session that had begun in the computer of my friend, but i was in my house. Then I read the entire article and follow the procedures. At the end I realized it worked wonders, could close the session from my computer and now in this article I will show how I did it, if one day you meet this situation, you really get to feel very uncomfortable.

The first thing we do, when we are in our inbox, heading in the right bottom corner to click where it says “details“.

sign out gmail account remotely

Once you click “Details” will open a new window where you can find much information about the activity of our own during the day and some days before. If our gmail account is active on another device, it shows detailed information such as time, IP address, access type, in this case if we are connected through a browser, phone, etc. If our account is active on another device, just click where it says “out of all other sessions” and that’s it, with this we will have closed in to other devices that is not ours and you do not run any risk of keep our gmail account. This trick is very useful and should be performed a few times a day, if someone Hacker your account and have not noticed.

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